Victim hits out at bus company

The victim who lost both his legs in the Genting Sempah bus crash said the bus was in a bad condition from the start. Adip Ramli, 20, said the bus could hardly move at certain stretches. “When we passed Grik, we felt the bus might break down anytime. We heard all sorts of noises,” he said at Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday.
He was saddened with the irresponsible attitude of the bus company. “First, they hire a bus driver with no licence and then they give us an old bus,” he said.
He also hoped stern action would be taken against the bus company and the driver. During the accident, he said he heard all his seven friends who died screaming. The first-year architecture student hopes to pursue his studies to keep his mind occupied. His mother, Zainab Abdullah, 56, was in tears when she said she will look after her son. The housewife has nine children and Adip is the seventh. Next to his bed was the driver of the bus which crashed on Oct 29. Nurses at the unit said the driver had gone into depression. His wife was also with him to keep his mind occupied while waiting for psychiatric treatment. They added that all the victims were “traumatised by the incident” and would be sent for counselling sessions to help them cope. Meanwhile, the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board has started a probe on the bus company.
CVLB chairman Datuk Halimah Sadique said the bus, with registration plate RC 9863, belonged to Taipan Suria Sdn Bhd.
“We will look at how the company manages its drivers, vehicles and journey timetable.” The results will be presented to an Enquiry Committee on Road Accidents on Nov 8.

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