Rosmah: Aim high for success

Women should change their mindset and aim for a higher degree of success, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of the prime minister, said yesterday. “This is to ensure that women are continuing meeting the challenges at both the local and global level.”
Rosmah said as the only constant in life is change, women should hold this as their mantra.
“Change is no longer a choice, but a requirement in order to remain with the quickly shifting times.”

She was speaking at the KWAP Leadership Series on women and leadership organised by the Retirement Fund Incorporated.

She said women must be creative and do away with the norm and think out of the box.
“They must seek opportunities to form strategic alliances, smart partnership and strong networking in order to strengthen their positions so that their voices will continue to be heard,” Rosmah said.

She urged women not to be discouraged by the challenges they are facing along the leadership journey.

“Women should remain focused and not get distracted easily by criticisms.
“Try to look at it as a job hazard and remember that all these challenges will ultimately make women better leaders.”

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